Moyenne Island  is certainly the most beautiful island in the bay of Victoria thanks to 

Brendon Grimshaw, René Lafortune  and their Seychellois friends, who turned by

 enormous efforts a waterless rocky island into a paradise. Together they planted almost 

16,000 trees on the island. 


In a brochure of the now establishedm Moyenne Island Foundation is written:

Moyenne, a privately-owned island, is by nature a wild park with 

accessible paths passing through lush vegetation including two thirds 

of all endemic palms,  trees and shrubs to be found in Seychelles.



According to a short article in Seychelles'  'Nation', dated July 25th, 2008, 

Moyenne Island becomes newest national park of the Seychelles. It's interesting, 

this new national park lies within the Ste. Anne Marine National Park. 

The agreement documents were signed by Brendon Grimshaw 

and the Minister for Environment Joel Morgan. 



The family of more than

100 giant tortoises roam

freely and the

2000 bird population,

 with 400 endemic turtle

doves, continue to grow.


 Huge granite boulders and

 white sandy beaches add to

 the splendour of   the island

 which is sheltered by coral

 reefs    teeming with 150

 species  of fish and happily

 situated in the heart of   the St.

 Anne Marine National Park.


Pirate graves, a treasure dig, ancient ruins, tiny church, a museum, turtle lagoon

 and Jolly Roger Bar and Restaurant add to the attractions  for all ages.


View from Moyenne Island

to Mahé and Round Island

Nearby Long Island 





Some of the aims mentioned in the brochure of the Moyenne Island Foundation are: 

1.)  To maintain the island of Moyenne as a wild park and safe home for all living 

creatures   particularly the more than 100 free-roaming giant tortoises and 2000 wild birds. 

2.) Unless proving dangerous no palms or trees to be cut.

3.) Apart from the existing restaurant and bar facilities no chalets or buildings of any sort to be 

allowed on the island.

4.) No single person to be barred from visiting the island which, with the passing years,  

should  become an environmental treasure trove for all who step ashore:  tourists, 

residents and, most importantly, the future generations of young Seychellois.

Some years have passed since the death of  Brendon Grimshaw on 3 July 2012. 

We do hope Moyenne Island will also in future remain the unique "Paradise"

Brendon Grimshaw and his Seychellois friends left. 




A visit of Moyenne Island is highly recommendable and can be arranged by 

the Tour Operator TSS. The tour includes also an interesting sight of the 

coral reefs nearby aboard the glassbottom boat. 


In the very interesting book " A Grain of Sand: The Story of One Man and an Island "

Brendon Grimshaw describes the way to his island which he bought in the early 1970s.

The present owner can tell of the island's ghosts and he has not been able to

discover the legendary £30.000.000 pirates treasure.


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